Monday, October 15, 2012

Why I Haven't Posted

School.  I recently started college.  And let it be put on the record that I Should not be in college.  I am still a kid.  Kid as in someone who is not yet thirteen.  So point being I am now always studying, reading or making Halloween stuff.  So yes, I could post, but I would rather be making cool props than typing.  Here are some picture of stuff I made with trash bags, paper, flour, water, and 99 cents.

Freddy B. with Gourdon on his head.

Gourdon, AKA Gourdo or Gourdy.

Freddy B.
Hell-GA (Helga).  Which would be cooler if I lived in GA.

Hell-GA again.

Stevie B. Urnd.
 Not sure what to name him yet.

A heart warming family photo.

Tutorials to come eventually!

Monday, October 1, 2012



Saturday, August 4, 2012

Tusken Raider How To; Episode 3

Erik here.
Yesterday I showed a preview of a my homemade Tusken Raider costume.  For those who don't know a Tusken Raider is an outlaw who live in the desert on the planet Tatooine in the Star Wars universe.  Actually they were sand people who were involved in an attack on a certain camp but that definition will do.  Here is a picture from the original Star Wars films.  The Gaffi stick was to impossible to make so I settled for a Tusken Cycler 
The mouth was made leather and the nose thing was clay.  The tusks near the mouth were markers.  I didn't have leather so I had to improvise.  I decided to use a belt but it wasn't working out.  So to do this the way I did you would need to get.

- A big paper bag
- A cardboard tube
- A black plastic bag
- A piece of helmet foam.
- An old long sleeve shirt
- An old sheet
- A helmet with face guard
- A karate outfit (I have a few extra from moving and trying out threeish dojos)
- Tea (not used yet.)
- Gloves
- Boots
- Duct tape/ silver paint
- A toy rifle (bonus if it works!)
- A long piece of PVC pipe.  About half to one inch
- Hot glue
- Something sharp

Lets get started on this baddy!!!

First I wanted to make the helmet.  I think this is the focus of the entire costume so if the rest of the costume isn't perfect this will make up for it.  First I made the eyes.  They were originally going to be old bean cans but the ends were to sharp.

Then I decided to use an old duct tape Lightsaber I had made about a year ago.

The Saber was bad so I didn't mind cutting it up.  I covered the black in more duct tape.  Luckily they jammed quite well into the helmet face.  I didn't even need to use glue but I did anyway.  It is always smart to make something way better than it needs to be.  I would recommend using thicker tube as it is VERY hard to see.  Funny story to come.  I tried to make horns and tusks but the hot clue wasn't nearly enough.  I am not sure what one would do to attach a long stick to a flat slick surface.
Next it was time to cut up my shirt.

I started slicing this about a month ago for my Boba Fett cape so all I needed to do was rip it the rest of the way.  With how much I used I could probably make another three helmets.  All from one shirt.  Good bargain.  As you can see the strips are about one foot long and an inch wide.  Looking back I would have made them shorter and wider.  My helmet needs to hinge open so I couldn't put anything where the face and helmet met.  Start covering.  Make sure to leave any snaps covered with a flap of shirt.
I then took the paper bag and folded it into the right size triangle.  It took a few tries to get it right but it looked cool in the end.  The I folded the black plastic bag to fill the edges but not the center.  I glued this in.  Then I carved the helmet foam into the breather shape with an ex-acto.  I glued that in.  Then glue the whole thing onto the face area.

The helmet was done.

I took my Karate outfit and put it on.  I am going to darken it with tea soon.  If your outfit does not have any logo you do not need to make a cloak.  Mine has a logo.  Oh well.
I made bandoleers with belts and wore a belt around the cloak.
My cloak is a sheet with safety pinned arms.  Basically they are folded on the outer thirds and pinned.  I will explain in a diagram with a later post.
Put on boots.  You can rap them in the shirt strips if you desire a better look.  Ditto on the gloves.
Put on the karate outfit and bandoleers.
Put on the cloak.
Then the helmet.
Then gloves.
Cool eh?

Now for the rifle.  Take your toy shot gun.  If you don't have on there are some good tutorials on the internet.  I like IndyMogul's.  If you are going to make your shot gun to begin with jsut find a tutorial on how to make a Tusken Cycler.  If you have a toy one.  Take about four feet of PVC.  Attach it to the top of the barrel.  It should protrude about three feet.
And I was finished.

This is not a good costume to wear to a comic con or for trick of treating.  The visibility is poor and it is super hot.  So if you want to go to a movie and take off the helmet, or answer the door on Halloween great.  I am probably going to remake the eyes with thicker tubes.

Now for the funny story.  I was testing it out by walking around.  A family member asked "Can you see in that thing?".
"Of course" I said back.
And then walked into a wall.  So you can't really see with how I made it.

Final score.

-501st rating. 3 out of 10
-Ease of wear.  3 out of 10
-Cost.  Free!!

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Friday, August 3, 2012

Tusken Raider Preview

Just some pics of my sort of finished Tusken Raider costume.  Tutorial to come tomorrow!

 My attempt at the classic Tusken Raider pose.

(I know there are no tusks.  The glue was not working...)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

How To Make A Fake Gas Mask; Episode 2

Uh, hey.  Yes I am back.  I am not dead.  I am still making cool stuff, but I was going to try something new.  I was going to try it in video.  Yeah, cool idea huh?  Not if your camera has no batteries, and your Windows Movie Maker suddenly disappeared.  So I have no way to record video, and now way to edit/put it together.  I could just record it in one fell swoop but since most props take about a couple of months to create, it would be near impossible.  This is a rip off to because I have recently made a lot of really cool, better stuff (better than shoving water bottles on your arms…).   A Boba Fett helmet and costume, a Hans Solo costume, three different types of Light Sabers, a hook hand, a Tusken Raider costume (not really, but I have a plan), a Jedi costume, a Jawa costume a fake ammo belt, Thors hammer, a gas mask, some sort of claws, a hidden blade, and a hat.  Pretty cool stuff if you exclude the hat.  I have no pictures, videos, or anything.  I should get some videos, but how can I edit them together?  So from this day forward I am definitely going to take a bunch of pictures.  Here is one I took right now.  There aren’t all the props I made in the picture because I didn’t want to invest an hour looking for everything and then having my camera take a bad picture.

This picture consists of me wearing gas mask and the hat, along with the claws and hook hand.  On your left is an unfinished Boba Fett helmet supporting a light saber.  Next to that is the armor.  Then the Thor hammer supporting two light sabers and an ammo belt.  So I am going to show you how I build everything in this picture and some other stuff.  Keep in mind a lot of this is still unfinished but hey, I know what the next thing I am going to do is.  This tutorial will show you how I made the gas mask.  Let’s get this started.
I used a black under shirt like this one for the hood.
I put it on upside down and then marked where my eyes go.  Be careful doing this as one of the eye holes on mine is too big and lopsided.  You can choose to wear black sunglasses under this for a cool look.  If you had flight goggles you could paint them black.  That would be a great look.  Sort of like Hydra from Captain America.  Or that.  That is awesome.

 I had a under shirt, but would recommend using a black ski mask.  If you use an undershirt you need some sort of hat.  I use a black baseball helmet.

On to the filters A.K.A the things on the outside.  I wanted one with two of the things but it would be easy to mod this into a mask with one big thing on the front.  Like this.

For my filters I used cat food cans covered in tape, and attached with tape.  I would definitely recommend attaching them with hot glue.  Make sure to WASH the cans.  Gas masks should not overpower you with the scent of fish, and chicken.  Position them on either side of your mouth.
That’s it.  Thanks for reading.
P.S.  I am actually going to post how I made the rest of this stuff!  Trust me.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Plastic Bottle Arm Guards

Okay, first DIY project.  It is going to be basic arm guards made out of plastic bottles.  But first a little back story.  A few weeks ago the Avengers Marvel movie came out.  I found out I was going to see it on Saturday -the day after it came out- on Friday.  I needed a costume.  I decided on Thor, since it is incredibly hard to make an Iron Man suit, and I thought Captain America was lame.  So with my limited comic knowledge I made a hammer and a rudimentary outfit.  All it was was a black shirt, workout gloves, black pants, and a red cape.  Pretty inaccurate, but free and easy.  Unfortunately I did not get any pictures.  So with Thor 2 & Avengers 2 confirmed i needed a better costume.  The thing about fake armor is that there is no real way to make it easily.  You can buy the stuff for hundreds of dollars, make fake stuff for hundreds of dollars, or buy crap from the costume store that looks bad, and breaks.  So I needed arm armor and chest and back armor.  The arm armor is the DIY project in this blog.  So list of what you need. (see the about page)

-lots of small sixteen ounce bottles (look through bins on recycle day)
-stapler (you should have on of these)
-something that cuts (scissors, knife, scalpel ect.)
-arms (hard to make arm armor without arms.  Heck its hard to make anything without arms.)

So the basic idea here is to have the main sections of the bottles shoved around your arms.  Kinda lame when you think about it.  There is a picture.  I used flash so it makes it look more clear than it is.  It looks pretty good in real life.

So the first step is to get a lot of water bottles.  I mean at least a dozen.  It looks better if they are all the same brand and type.  Take the bottles and remove the wrappers.

Then cut them with something very sharp at the lines.

That bottle was full so it does not look good.  If you cut it right and let it dry it should look something like this.

If you have small chicken arms like me, you do not really need to expand the bottles that much.  If you have any really substance on your arms you are probably going to need to wrap about 2 bottles around them.  If you do not need to do this then just skip to the second to last step.  So, how to expand.  Cut a straight vertical cut down the sides of the bottles.  Then if your cheap and lazy and do not want to do any work just wrap the split bottles around your arm putting to gap on the inside.   Make sure not to put the gap on the outside.  If you want it to look better get out your stapler.  Take two of the split bottles and staple the ends together to make an extra large one.  Make sure it is pretty snug on your arm so it does not move around.  What you need is 3 of these sections.  On for you bicep and triceps, and 2 for you forearm.  Look at the first picture.  Here are all of the finished armor pieces.

The last step is to spray paint them silver of any material that armor would be made out of.  You are done.
Hoped you liked the tutorial.  It is the first one I have ever done so have mercy.  The next projects will be more detailed and cooler.  Please subscribe.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

DIY Kickoff

Okay, new blog.  I also write the blog  I started this blog to teach people to make cool things for free.  No cost.  No DIYs yet, I am still on vacation.